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Rethinking Muslims

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Aug. 4th, 2007 | 12:24 pm
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posted by: dremwkr in interfaith

The writer in the KC Star for "Faith Matters" commented on the recent cover story on Newsweek http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19915445/site/newsweek/ . He said it was: "foolish for us to say "Muslims think this" or "Muslims do that,"'.

I say: Having lived in several islamic contries and having had several Islamic neighbors here in the US, while I can not say my experience covers ALL followers of Islam, I can say just as I can say MOST christians think like this or most Christians do that, that I have a pretty good idea of how followers of Islam think and do commonly. This does give me a basis of comparison, and there are many things for Christians to learn from this.

First, most followers of Islam are law abiding, respect their nieghbors and treat them like they are going to live with them for the long run. A normal functional Islamic society is a safe and secure one. With the exceptions of nations the US was at conflict with under the "war against terror", I never had to worry about being mugged, stolen from, and felt that the others were looking after my back. Their hospitality, curtousy, politeness made any trip to the store or market or cafe a pleasure. It is clear that they take family far, far, more important than most christians which tend to think of job, money, and social life first and the kids get the left overs if there are any.

They have a socity of high morals, they don't drink, they look after their children very well, their kids tend to have less permaritial sex, and frankly actually live the 10 commandments better than most Christians I know. They tend to be more of a God-respecting people, and generally have a much more active prayer life and their spiritual life tends to be much better intergated with the rest of their life.

As a christian cleric I think it would be nice if Christianity in general could/would do these things.

Any thoughts or comments?

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