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Interfaith Dialogue
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Welcome to the Interfaith Dialogue. This place is to serve as a source of inspiration and community for those individuals who have a great respect for people, for themselves, and for spirituality.

Welcome are people who:
* Respect the sanctity of Individualism
* Question for the sake of Learning, not Criticizing
* Seek a forum which treasures Diversity, not degrades differences
* Search for Wisdom in All Places and All People
* Are Awed by the World around them

NOT welcome are people who:
* Seek Elitism and Exclusion
* Put Themselves above Others
* Speak to Change others
* Are Crude, Rude, and otherwise Spiteful

This is not a place of Hate.
This is not a place of Segregation.

All cultures, all races, all religions, all beliefs, all genders, all people...
... are welcome here

provided they know the basic tenets of respect

This is a place of learning, of community, and of faith.
This is a place for people who believe there is Unity in Diversity.

Is this the place for you?

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